Yes we do ear cropping surgery (in our office only). Dr. Thomann has been performing this procedure for over 20 years and guarantees his work. We have photographs of our current work on Facebook. We like to do the surgery between 8-12 weeks of age if possible. We were awarded the Angie’s List Super Services Award for several years running. You can find reviews on Angie’s List, Google or

Pricing is as follows:

  • The initial consultation with Dr. Thomann is $45.00.
  • After consultation the surgery, anesthesia and pain injection will be:
        - $300 for Dobermans, Boxers, Schnauzers, Pits and Cane Corsos.
        - $350 for Great Danes.
  • You may also choose either:
        - a full blood profile for $120 or
        - a red blood cell count and blood clotting for $30 (required for surgery).
  • Required post surgical medication is $22(antibiotic/pain med spray).
  • After 10 days, sedation and suture removal and all ear postings until they stand perfectly.
         - $149 for Pits, Cane Corsos and Mini Schnauzers.
         - $199 for Dobermans Boxers, Giant Schnauzers and Danes.

    Other optional medications include pain and/or antibiotics to take home.


    • We require a $100 deposit to hold a 2 hour appointment for you. A 48 hour notice is required to avoid forfeiture of your deposit (no exceptions).
    • If your pet pulls a stich(s) other costs may occur (sedation and the closing of the wound).

    Risks and Complications of Ear Cropping ...

    Placing a pet under general anesthesia will involve a minimal risk. The safety of modern anesthesia has increased substantially with increased knowledge, modern equipment and modern anesthetic drugs. We will discuss these recommendations with you when you drop off your pet on the day of his/her surgery.

    If the ears are improperly cared for infection can occur at the incision site, which will delay healing time; however, this is uncommon as long as medication is given according to our directions. Damage to edge of the ear from scratching will generate scar tissue formation altering the final outcome.

    A very small percentage of ears will never stand properly because the cartilage supporting them is too weak. Unfortunately this complication cannot be foreseen because the ear cartilage develops and strengthens as the puppy grows.


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